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This page has documentation that you will need to be a Demeter licensee.  If you have any questions about any of these documents please feel free to get in touch

Organic & Demeter Standards

Please look at both standards – meeting the requirements of the Organic standards is a prerequisite of the Demeter standards

Demeter UK Combined Standards

Demeter Social Responsibility Standard

BDA Certification Organic Production Standards

BDA Certification Organic Processing & Trader Standards

Application Forms

Demeter and Organic Producer – Conversion Application Form

Demeter and Organic Processing and Packing with Import and Wholesale Application Form

Product & Label Specification Forms

Please use the following forms to get your products and labels approved before printing labels and to add products to your schedule.

Demeter and Organic Label Only Approval form

Demeter and Organic Licensee Product MIPS and label approval form

Demeter and Organic Licensee Single Ingredient Product Specification form

Production Derogation Forms

Image result for seed emoji. Size: 156 x 160. Source:

Please check the official database for organic seed and organic vegetative propagating material available in the UK before applying for a derogation : OrganicXseeds UK

Keep in mind that all seeds must be GMO free, for Demeter that includes New Breeding Techniques (Precision Breeding)
Please see the list of seeds that have not been produced from CMS (cytoplasmic fusion) – especially for brassicas: CMS free positive list – seed

Non-organic seed derogation form

Non-organic trees and plants derogation form



Please consider that any derogation for non-organic livestock or feed needs to be submitted to DEFRA, so please allow time for this process. All derogation requests must be submitted in good time before the derogation would come into effect. Please review relevant sections of the standards and the derogation forms for specific restrictions or evidence needed for each derogation.

Suggested marketplaces:

Any veterinary procedures such as tail docking & castrations are now included in your animal health plan & farming questionnaire completed prior to inspection.

Derogation form – non-organic feed 

Derogation form – animal tethering

Derogation form – common grazing

Derogation form – general

Derogation form – non-organic herd expansion

Derogation form – non-organic poultry

Other Production Forms

Livestock Movement to Slaughter form

Livestock Transfer form


Processing Derogation Forms

Please contact for more information and forms for non-organic ingredient derogations.




Guidance – Labelling Organic Products

Guidance – Labelling Demeter Products

Demeter Labelling Manual

GOV.UK Labelling Guidance

Operating Procedures

See our Quality Manual which explains our operating procedures

BDA Quality Manual Version 12.3