Biodynamic Certification

Demeter is the brand for products from biodynamic agriculture.

 Demeter has been constantly evolving since 1928, making this the oldest and longest practiced form of quality assurance in sustainable agriculture.  It is also an international sign of quality so biodynamic produce and products are certified to the same standards in more than 50 countries on 5 continents.

With organic certification as a prerequisite (all Demeter products are dual certified and carry both labels), Demeter standards go above and beyond organic to guarantee methods of production and processing that are environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable.  Because these standards are applied globally, Demeter products from the UK, Egypt, New Zealand and Brazil all represent the same care for nourishment of people and the planet and have had the same rigorous process to ensure their quality.

We are a small team who pride ourselves in offering a fast and personal one to one service. You will be working with a dedicated certification officer providing a consistent point of contact for any questions you have.


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The following links will take you to the international Biodynamic Federation website, where you will find much more information on Biodynamic principles, and some video clips featuring Biodynamic farmers & growers.

We are proud to be a member of this international community.


Biodynamics take ideals and ethics into practical reality, respecting the ecology, culture and tradition of a place. This is agriculture as a collaboration between human beings and nature in which both can flourish.


Biodynamic Agriculture: The Holistic View

Demeter farmers have a special relationship with their farm – they regard it as a living, unique organism in which every organ needs the other: Man, plant, animal and soil work together.

Biodynamic farmers strive to develop an intimate understanding of each element of the farm, and the creative potential of the farm as a whole. From this understanding they work to bring the elements of the farm into the right relationship. Biodynamic farmers and gardeners work toward balancing the soil and creating a farm individuality that is a self-sustaining whole, where fertility and feed come from within the farm rather than from outside.


Remedy for the earth

Probably one of the most notable characteristics of biodynamic farming is the use of biodynamic preparations. They are a key requirement for every Demeter certified farm

What are Biodynamic Preparations?

Biodynamic preparations are vitalising additions for soil and plants. As a kind of remedy for the earth, they also promote the growth and quality of the plants and animal health. For their production, plant, mineral and animal substances are combined and exposed to natural forces, and then returned to nature in a modified form. They come in two forms: Compost Preparations and Spray Preparations.


A fundamental value in biodynamic farming, is our soil being regenerated, is the foundation for the best outcome for our food, our health and that of the planet earth.
Our view is, that plants ripen best into valuable food, in living soil where the humus layer is rich and nourishing. This provides a source of nutrients for plants, regulates the air and heat balance of the soil and also binds CO2. Therefore playing a very important role for the health of the climate as well.


There is an urgency to restore our planet’s biodiversity and organic and biodynamic farming is a step forward in the right direction. 35% more birds and 23% more insects are found in organic farmland thanks to the creation of natural habitats and the absence of chemical and synthetic pesticides. Biodynamic farmers and growers encourage biodiversity on their farms and gardens, as a priority, so their crops can benefit from this balancing effect.

Demeter stands for biodiversity – to underpin this, in 2013 it was included in the chapter “Biodiversity” of the Demeter Standard: the biodiversity areas on Demeter farms must amount to at least 10% of the farm area. Biodynamic agriculture goes the extra mile to encourage the diversity of plants and animals in our landscape.



In biodynamic farming, animals are part of the farm organism and their needs and wellbeing is respected and looked after in every way.