This page contains useful guidance for Organic & Demeter certification

Farm conversion FAQs

Starting Farm conversion to Organic or Biodynamic

Convert your farm to Biodynamics

Converting from Organic to Biodynamic

Convert from Organic → Biodynamic

Crop guidance

Guidance – converting your farm – arable and horticulture

Guidance – converting your farm – top fruit and vines

Livestock guidance

Guidance – Demeter & Organic livestock feeding

Guidance – converting your farm – cattle and sheep

Guidance – converting your farm – pigs and poultry

Animal Health Plan

Guidance – Livestock Management & Animal Health Plan


See the prepare for Brexit page for latest guidance

Guidance – labelling – Organic Products

Guidance – labelling – Demeter products

Food Standards Agency labelling guidance


You can source open pollinated Organic & Biodynamic seeds here
You must use Organic seeds when available. You can check UK availability here
If the seeds are not available as Organic you can fill in the derogation form below and send it to us, note we then need approval from DEFRA, so please allow time for this process, and do not purchase seeds before you receive approval.

Defra Derogation form – non-organic seeds

Cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) seeds are not allowed in Demeter standards because we consider it a form of GMO, please check the list below before you order seeds

CMS free seeds positive list 2020

Biodynamic Preparations 

Biodynamic Federation – Preparations good practice manual

Good practice in biodynamic preparation production

Stirring and Spraying the BD Preps