Certification guidance

This page contains useful guidance for Organic & Biodynamic certification

Farm Conversion FAQs

Starting Farm conversion to Organic or Biodynamic

Convert your farm to Biodynamics

Converting From Organic To Biodynamic

Convert from Organic → Biodynamic

Crop Guidance

Guidance – converting your farm – arable and horticulture

Guidance – converting your farm – top fruit and vines

Livestock Guidance

Guidance – Demeter & Organic livestock feeding

Guidance – converting your farm – cattle and sheep

Guidance – converting your farm – pigs and poultry

Animal Health Plan

Guidance – Livestock Management & Animal Health Plan


Also see our Trade & Labels page here

Guidance – labelling – Organic Products

Guidance – labelling – Demeter products

Food Standards Agency labelling guidance


You must use Organic seeds when available. Please use this website to check UK availability before submitting a derogation for non-organic seeds:


If the seeds are not available as Organic, you need to compete this form and send it to us before purchasing any seeds:

Defra Derogation form – non-organic seeds

Cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) seeds are not allowed in the Demeter standards because we consider it a form of GMO. Please check the list below before ordering your seeds. Note that many brassica seeds are actually CMS.

CMS free seeds positive list 2020

Biodynamic Preparations

Biodynamic Federation – Preparations good practice manual

Good practice in biodynamic preparation production

Stirring and Spraying the BD Preps