Quality comes first.  Using beautiful, vital ingredients is a great beginning, but it takes care and respect to turn those ingredients into something really special.  If this is what you do we are here to help.

Whatever the nature of your processing, if you want to make an organic or biodynamic product that is vital and nourishing, your processes need to be as high quality as your ingredients.  Recognition of this attention to quality is reflected in our organic and Demeter (biodynamic) standards and our processor certification scheme gives you and your customers peace of mind that your products are certified to some of the highest standards around.

Our Demeter and organic processing certification schemes are designed to provide assurance of the quality of your products, but they also encourage you to reflect on the processes and ingredients you use. We respect that you have a business to run and we are supportive and compassionate about the manifold challenges you face. We are here to help with those challenges, while at the same time support and encourage you to participate in the development of biodynamic and organic principles and how they can be best put into practice in your business, ensuring truly sustainable development.

All of our licensees have to comply with our Organic Production Standards which are based on and comply with the EU organic regulations EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008. Our Demeter certificated licensees have dual certification, with the more rigorous Demeter standards that go above and beyond organic standards.  We are accredited by UKAS and approved by Defra in the UK as an organic certification body – you can recognise our certified products as they will carry the certification coding GB-ORG-06

If you haven’t seen our standards, they are worth a read! Based on the principles of biodynamic and organic agriculture, we hope the emphasis on integrity and stewardship inspire you!