High quality products move around the world and if it is your business to make this happen, this is the place for you! 

Brexit has presented new challenges for trade with the EU. If you have any questions about how import or export your organic products please get in touch.

We are a small team offering one to one support to help you and your business trade in high quality organic and Demeter products.

Finally packed Demeter (biodynamic) and organic products are traded around the globe and our Demeter and organic certification schemes help you protect the integrity and certification status of your products through all stages of the supply chain.  If it’s your business to buy and or sell Demeter and/or organic products, then we are here to help you navigate the legal requirements of doing so, while supporting you to inspire confidence and appeal in your quality biodynamic and organic products.

From wine importers to raw material exporters, our friendly and supportive staff can help  you get your product to your customers whether it’s importing sugar from Argentina or exporting tea to New Zealand, we are here to help.