The Certification Process


Organic or Demeter certification

You can choose Organic certification with us allowing the use of our Organic logo, or you can choose to be Demeter certified. Organic certification is a prerequisite of Demeter certification, therefore Demeter certification will permit use of both the Organic logo & the highly respected Demeter trademark. 

Biodynamic Certification with Demeter new

Step 1 – Application

Call BDA Certification on 01453 766296 or email to request an application pack and our fee scales.


Step 2 – Inspection

Following your application you will receive a report outlining the next steps, and we will organise your first inspection.

  • Farmers & growers will receive an initial certificate immediately, followed up by an inspection as soon as possible.
  • Processors & traders will be issued a certificate after the first inspection and certification process. This usually takes 8 weeks.


Step 3 – Certification

Your inspector will submit an inspection report to be reviewed by your certification officer.

If everything is in order you will be issued with a new or updated certificate. Subsequently, you will be inspected annually.


For more information regarding organic certification and funding please visit Guidance:

Organic farming: how to get certification and funding in Great Britain