Farmers and Growers


Health and vitality matter.  If you steward your soil, plants and animals with care and attention for now and the future, find out more about joining our family of producer licensees. 

Farmers and growers who are practicing principled biodynamic and organic production and who market their products as Demeter (biodynamic) or organic need to be certified. Certification on the one hand provides a guarantee to consumers that the integrity of Demeter and organic labelled products meet the requirements set out in our standards and on the other hand, adds value to the products sold by use of the distinctive Demeter and organic logos.

Our Demeter and organic production certification schemes are designed in such a way that not only provides an assurance of quality for consumers and processors, it also offers an external view and an opportunity for introspection to those hard working farmers and growers who are carefully growing and rearing high quality food.  We respect that licensees have business to run and we are compassionate about the manifold challenges they face.  At the same time we encourage self reflection on the principles of biodynamic and organic agriculture and how those principles can be put into practice in truly sustainable development.

All of our licensees comply with our Organic Production Standards which are based on the EU organic regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008.  Demeter licensees have dual certification, with the more rigorous Demeter standards that go above and beyond organic standards.  We are accredited by UKAS and approved by Defra in the UK as an organic certification body – you can recognise our certified products as they will carry the certification coding GB-ORG-06

If you haven’t seen our standards, they are worth a read! Based on the principles of biodynamic and organic agriculture, we hope the emphasis on integrity and stewardship inspire you!