Here you will find all the documentation needed to apply for Demeter Certification with us:

Demeter and Organic Farm and Garden Application Form

Demeter and Organic Processing and Packing Application Form

Demeter and Organic Import, wholesale and distribution Application Form

See below the three sets of Demeter Standards:

Demeter Production Standards

UK Demeter Processing Standards

UK Demeter Labelling Standards

If you have any questions regarding these documents, please do email us on

Derogation forms for licensees:

Here are the forms you may need to send in to the office for authorisation:

if you need to buy in non organic livestock or poultry – please send in the form to us in good time as this derogation needs to be endorsed by our technical team who send it to Defra for authorisation before returning to you

Demeter Derogation form – non organic poultry+livestock

For non organic seeds: Defra Derogation form-non organic seeds

For any veterinary procedures such as Tail docking with elastic bands, etc please use this form: Demeter Derogation form for vet procedures

If you graze your livestock on common land you need to use this form:  Demeter Derogation Form for common grazing

For all other derogations, including vet meds please use the general derogation form:

Demeter Derogation form-general