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Biodynamic Certification with Demeter new


You can choose Organic certification with us allowing the use of our Organic logo, or you can choose to be Demeter certified which will permit use of both the Organic logo & the highly respected Demeter trademark. 

BDA Certification is an approved UK Organic Control Body, accredited to ISO/IEC 17065 by UKAS

Biodynamic and Organic agriculture are ways of cultivating the earth and producing food that are based on environmentally regenerative, socially responsible and economically moral principles which are striving to be harmoniously balanced.

We exist to support and encourage all those who are also striving to work with these principles in the certification & quality assurance process.

If you would like to join an active community of inspired individuals that produce, process and trade some of the tastiest and nourishing biodynamic and organic foods, get in touch!

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