The Certification Board is looking for additional members.  Meetings take place 4 times a year, in Stroud, mostly Wednesdays.  For this voluntary work we would welcome new faces with a suitable background in Farming, Food Processing or Trading, particularly if you feel at home with financial accounts or spreadsheets. If interested, please contact the office:Continue reading →

Helmy Abouleish is new president of Demeter-International

Press Release – 25 June 2018 General Assembly elected new board Helmy Abouleish is new president of Demeter-International read his Demeter Vision document here Demeter-International General Assembly elected a new board and worked out  strategies for future development of standards, certification, training, marketing and policy activities. 21 years after its foundation, a major change is takingContinue reading →

Successful control of creeping thistle in organic farming

Creeping thistle has become an increasing problem, especially for organic arable farms with soils of high organic matter. Wherever it grows, it competes with crops for water and nutrients. Once established, much patience is required to achieve acceptable levels of thistles. There is no ‘magic bullet’ for its control on organic farms. However, by followingContinue reading →

Farm minister offers promising words on the future of UK organic support

Tarry Bolger, Managing Director of Biodynamic Association Certification said “This was an encouraging meeting with the Minister amidst a challenging and complicated  broader political backdrop. We welcome the Minister’s appreciation of the importance of both the regulation and the policy support systems for converting and existing organic and biodynamic farmers. The Minister’s commitment to supportingContinue reading →

‘The Basics of Soil Fertility’ – new publication

This booklet offers a view on soil fertility from different angles. It deliberately avoids offering universal ‘instructions’, but rather seeks to provide information to stimulate new thinking about a sustainable relationship to the soil

No Patents on Seeds!

We  warmly  welcome the announcement from the EU Commission  that plants and animals obtained by  “essentially biological” breeding are non-patentable”. “This  is an important step towards plant and animal sovereignty”, said Tarry Bolger, Managing Director of BDA Certification,  “The UK and International Biodynamic and Demeter organisations have been championing this issue for many years nowContinue reading →

The future of Italian Wine?

A lovely article from the New York Times on a group of Italian biodynamic wine makers.  New York Times Italian Winemakers